Crowdtap Champions: Using Crowdtap to Ease Their Financial Worries


Welcome back to the latest edition of Crowdtap Champions, our monthly blog post where we chat with our most active and dedicated members. These are the members who have mastered the art of Crowdtap, continuously earn impactful rewards, and have demonstrated to all of us how to get the most out of our community.  We consider them to be true experts in all things Crowdtap, and we thought their insights and experiences could help guide and inspire our newer and existing members alike. To learn more about what it takes to become a Crowdtap Champion, check out this blog post about maximizing your reward potential.

This month, we wanted to tackle a challenging topic: the financial climate. As a community that's all about earning rewards for your honest opinions, we know that our members have a lot of valuable insights to share. So we reached out to our Champions to get their take.


Q: Do you feel like the financial state of the country has impacted you or your family?


Q: Is there anything that you've had to cut back on or cut out completely due to financial concerns?


Q: Have you been using Crowdtap more frequently to help with your financial concerns?


Q: Have you changed what you purchase with your Crowdtap rewards? For example, instead of buying a new Spring Wardrobe are you utilizing rewards to buy groceries? If yes, please specify.


Q: Do you have any advice for new members who could use Crowdtap to ease their financial worries?


We want to thank our Crowdtap Champions for their frankness and wisdom on a tough topic. We understand how difficult the current financial climate is and are grateful that Crowdtap can be a support system for our members. We believe in each other's perseverance and are confident that by staying active and engaged in the community, our members will be able to continue to reap the rewards they deserve. 

We look forward to bringing you another engaging conversation with our Crowdtap Champions next month!


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