Maximize Your Reward Potential: Expert Tips and Hacks


In this blog post, we'll reveal expert tips for enhancing your Crowdtap experience, including how to access more surveys and provide valuable feedback that brands will appreciate. Whether you're a seasoned Crowdtapper or a newcomer, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and make the most of your Crowdtap journey!

CrowdHack #1: Complete Your Profile

Brands often seek opinions from individuals with specific backgrounds (e.g., household income or education level). This helps them create inclusive products, services, and campaigns. By sharing additional information about yourself, you'll receive tailored surveys and increase your opportunities for rewards. Update your profile here!

CrowdHack #2: Install the Crowdtap App

Our app has been meticulously designed to provide a fantastic user experience, and it includes exclusive features not available on our website. By using the app, you'll have access to unique survey types, like video responses, which can earn you more rewards.

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CrowdHack #3: Connect With Us on Social Media

Share your Crowdtap enthusiasm, engage with like-minded people, and potentially win extra rewards by following our social media channels. We often hold contests for our followers, granting lucky winners bonus points. Plus, our social channels are perfect for staying updated on announcements, learning about our community, and discovering why people love Crowdtap.

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CrowdHack #4: Thoughtfully Answer Surveys

While the prospect of rewards can be enticing, it's crucial to resist rushing through surveys or providing responses you think we want to hear. Take your time and be honest. Clear and candid feedback ensures you continue to receive surveys. If a question doesn't apply to you, feel free to skip it and move on to the next.

CrowdHack #5: Incorporate Crowdtap Into Your Routine

Treat Crowdtap like a social media platform! While scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, remember to check in with Crowdtap. We enjoy using our morning coffee break as Crowdtap time—you'll find us tapping away daily at 8:00 am. To help you remember, subscribe to Crowdtap emails and SMS notifications, and we'll send occasional reminders about available surveys on the platform. Discover the power of these CrowdHacks by logging in today and putting them to the test!

Our Crowdtap Champions share their latest tips and tricks every month. Visit our blog to stay up-to-date on how to earn more rewards and maximize your Crowdtap experience.

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