Maximize Your Influence: 4 Easy Steps to Be a Quality Crowdtap Member



Your Crowdtap membership is very important to us. When it comes to answering surveys on Crowdtap, your quality responses are key to maximize your earnings and influence. Why? Because how you respond gives brands the direct feedback they need to make decisions that will ultimately impact you and your communities. Let’s talk through the best ways for you to influence real business decisions that make a lasting impact and remain in good standing on Crowdtap.


Step 1: Stay alert and engaged.

We know it can be easy to go into autopilot mode, but when you’re on Crowdtap, it’s crucial to stay focused when answering surveys so you can continue to influence and earn. We have a few checkpoints in place to help you remain attentive. If you fail to answer multiple attention checks correctly, your Crowdtap membership could be in jeopardy. There’s no shame in taking a little break and coming back to Crowdtap when you’re alert and ready. We’ll be waiting!


Step 2: Be honest and authentic.

As we mentioned earlier, brands absorb your feedback directly to make decisions. If you’re not being your most honest and authentic self when giving feedback, those decisions won’t properly reflect you. Brands value the diversity of your perspective and experience, so don't be afraid to express your unique voice openly and honestly.


Step 3: Don’t be afraid of getting specific

The difference between good and great is all in the details. Unique and detailed thoughts are the ones that stand out among a sea of “sure”, “fine”, and “okay”. We know you have a lot to say and want you to think of Crowdtap as an outlet to express your voice. In other words, let it out! Let’s say you’re asked to give feedback on a brand’s potential new logo, which would be the better response?

  • “Not my favorite”

  • “It is a little busy. I’d prefer something easier to recognize while perusing apps on my phone. Also, I like the blue font color but it is a little hard to read from far away.”

The better response is clearly option B. The more detailed choice shares your opinion but also gives directional feedback on how the brand can adapt the logo to better fit the desires of their audience. Well done!


Step 4: Be respectful.

Last but not least, is a reminder to be respectful when giving feedback. Asking your true feelings on a topic can sometimes trigger strong emotions, even negative ones. We ask that when responding to surveys, you refrain from using disrespectful or hateful language. If you feel like a question you’ve been asked by a brand is inappropriate, we encourage you to reach out to our Crowdtap support team so we can rectify the situation.


Now, you’re in the know on how to maximize your brand influence and earning potential on Crowdtap. Your attentive, honest, and detailed opinions carry a lot of weight with top brands and we can’t wait to see how you put these tips to use. We look forward to seeing your feedback continue to shape the direction of future campaigns, product innovations, marketing strategies, and beyond. Your insights help them understand their audience, leading to the creation of products and experiences built with you in mind.

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