Tappers, Your Whirlpool videos just racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Written by Brian Cullen

This is pretty cool. Recently, many of you contributed videos to the Whirlpool Care Crowd to help show how their Every Day, Care campaign has impacted you. Specifically, we wanted to know more about how It’s All Care. In other words – no matter how silly it is, it’s still care. No matter how hard you’re laughing, it’s still care. Sing. Dance. Whatever gets you through those dishes, you know?

So, tons of you contributed, and a couple of you in particular knocked it wayyyyyy out of the park. Check out this little dancing queen, who is the daughter of one of our Tappers:


At the time of publication, that’s got over 100,000 views! Pretty solid numbers (and pretty sweet dance moves), right? Then, we’ve got this gem: a little girl “helping” with the laundry who’s got the best laugh since…no, you know what? She has the best laugh. Period.


600,000+ views. Whoa.

So how cool is that? YOU contributed videos, and next thing you know, we’ve got hundreds of thousands of people celebrating your contributions. Awesome job, everyone. This shows just how powerful your posts can be.

If you created these videos – nice job! Show this off to your friends! If you didn’t create this, this is proof positive that the things you do can go viral in a heartbeat.

Keep up the good work, Tappers. And don’t forget, if you’re not already part of the Whirlpool Care Crowd – they’re always looking for new Members.


Written by Brian Cullen


Wait, ok, hold on. Sorry.

*Catches breath*

So, you may or may not know that Crowdtap has a dog-friendly office. There is, objectively speaking, nothing better than working hard on a project, only to be interrupted by a Boston Terrier dive bombing you to lick your face.

Now, most of the pups we play with every day are small-ish dogs. You know, the kind you’d see on the subway, or ones that fit in a carrier, or ones you could literally pick up and put over your shoulder if you weren’t a professional bodybuilder. As an example, here’s Hazel. Hiya, Hazel!

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.03.24 AM

But once every so often, the office experiences Minnie Day. Minnie belongs to our designer, Mariel. Minnie is a Newfoundland, and also the biggest dog in the world. Here’s a picture:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.58.09 AM

Here’s another:


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.01.10 AM


As you can imagine, it’s tough to get work done around here today, because everyone is in love with this 12-foot tall, 700-pound dog.

Happy Minnie Day, everyone!

UPDATE (4:53 PM): We re-gret-a that we didn’t point out this other cut li’l doggie today. Greta’s also visiting. Here she is looking like a puppy even though she’s 6.



Here is a size comparison:




Hell’s bells, Trudy.

Is your dog sliiiiightly smaller than Minnie?Maybe a little more Greta-sized? Consider joining the Cesar Pack today!

Sneak peek into Crowdtap HQ on Dev Friday

Written by Laura Murphy

At Crowdtap HQ, we have a lot of traditions like Show & Tell Fridays; celebratory Tappy Hours; and Monday stand-ups where every team at the Tap lays out their plan for the week. Recently, we added another tradition to our growing list: Open Dev Friday.

What’s Open Dev Friday, you ask? Good question. Roughly once a month, the developers (we call them “Devs”), or the folks that actually build the guts of the Crowdtap platform put down their pencils, stop whatever they’re working on, and invent new features for Crowdtap. The best part? Many of these features were requested by YOU!

The entire team breaks up into smaller groups, thinks about something brand new and never-before-seen, and gets to work. And it looks something like this. (Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from some of the Crowdtap dogs):

We can’t tell you which project won just yet (we need some time to work on it, after all.) But the good news is we’re constantly working hard to make Crowdtap as fun as it can possibly be!

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest.


The 6 Things You Should Do (And 5 You Absolutely Shouldn’t) While Taking a Selfie

Written by admin

With the advent of the selfie stick, Kim Kardashian’s coffee table book Selfie, and the preternaturally catchy pop song Let Me Take a Selfie, it’s clear the age of the selfie is here to stay. Even the most camera-shy are embracing the selfie trend, and as a Tapper you always want to be ahead of the curve! Read on for tips on taking smashingly successful selfies:


Share Better: Say goodbye to Buzz Bonus!

Written by Laura Murphy

Part of the fun of social media is sharing things you love with your followers and then seeing how they respond. After all – why keep that cat gif to yourself when EVERYONE MUST SEE IT? But here’s the thing – sharing works best when it comes from the heart. You need to really mean it.


That’s why, in the spirit of promoting authentic social sharing, Crowdtap has decided to do away with the Buzz Award & Buzz Bonus. Not sure what this change means? Here’s the 411:


20 Tips for Taking Photos Like a Top Tapper

Written by Laura Murphy

Photo Challenges – you love ’em, we love to see your pics. But what if you could crush the competition every time you logged on to Crowdtap and uploaded your latest masterpiece? We’ve got 20 sure-fire tips to make that happen!

Subject (or the object or person that’s the focus of your photo)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.39.46 PM

1. Make sure the subject is easy to see
2. Remove irrelevant or distracting items from the frame
3. If you’re taking a picture of a product, shoot from the side or angled rather than above
4. Holding the product works, but be sure your hands and nails are clean
5. Use the focus tool on your camera or phone to pull the subject into focus, objects in the background should blur slightly.

Bonus Tip: If you’re the subject, use a tripod, a camera timer app, or have a friend take the picture!


8 Tips for an Awesome Oscars Party!

Written by Laura Murphy

300 Tappers will host Oscars viewing parties sponsored by Neutrogena Hydro Boost this Sunday! We sent them all awesome kits including:

  • 1 Large Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Water Gel
  • 10 Sample Size Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Water Gel
  • 1 Pack of Silver Balloons
  • 1 Pack of Blue Balloons
  • 1 Hollywood Movie Scene Marker
  • 1 Hollywood Star Award
  • 1 Pack of Silver Star Cutouts
  • 1 Pack of Silver Star Confetti
  • 1 Pack of Metallic Blue Star Confetti
  • 2 Pack of Popcorn Boxes

We know, it’s a pretty rad pack of swag, and while we wish we could have sent a kit to every Tapper, we only had a limited number of spaces for the biggest Neutrogena brand fans. Still, we’re betting that you want to get in on the action this Sunday, so here are a few tips for a glamorous awards party!


Will you be our Tweetheart? 7 Tips for Twitter Success!

Written by Laura Murphy



We ask you to tweet a whole lot on Crowdtap, but why? How are Twitter and Crowdtap connected? What kind of Tweets make you a better Tapper AND a better Twitterer?

Read on for the answers to all these burning questions and discover 7 tips to Tweet like a Top Tapper:


Sweep your Valentine off her feet!

Written by Laura Murphy

Flowers wilt. Chocolates disappear. Bears with candy hearts just betray you.

The only gesture that really counts this Valentine’s Day is one that lets you kick up your feet and take a load-off. So if you want to show some one you love them this year, don’t say it; spray it – the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner, that is.


Zep invites you to impress your sweetheart by cleaning up your act, or rather, cleaning up their act. Snap a pic of you cleaning up for your sweetie and enter to win a $50 gift certificate – so you can sweeten the deal with dinner! Enter here

Not sure where to start? We got you covered, Tapper! Here are 7 Tips for the Beginning Cleaner!

Is your sweetheart a busy mom? Take a cue from In the Know Mom and tackle the kids’ bathroom!


5 things we’re crushing and crushing on for #CrushIt February on Crowdtap

Written by Laura Murphy



Welcome to February: winter’s longest shortest stretch.

Here’s 5 things we’re crushing & crushing on this month… take it away, listicle!

1. Crushing: The Super Bowl